Seaside Gymnastics is a mobile gymnastics company serving the South Bay. We bring the fun to you! Preschools,  elementary schools, churches, recreation centers or even at your home for birthday parties!

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creates a strong foundation for ALL SPORTS

improves motor skills, coordination, balance and flexibility

increases concentration, communication and cognitive learning

boosts self-confidence, self-discipline and social skills

Seaside's goal is to promote physical fitness in our youth and develop future athletes in a positive way!




Get kids excited about fitness! Seaside Gymnastics sails into your child's school each week for a 30 minute fitness filled themed class. Our program will keep your child moving, learning through imagery and having lots of fun from start to finish.

Each week your child will experience a new exciting adventure from exploring the depths of the oceans, to blasting off into outer space. Seaside's themed lesson plans will make mastering the gymnastics skills easier and more efficient.Our energetic instructors will keep your child in constant motion. Our 30 minute classes begin with a warm-up and stretching to the themed music to get your child's body ready for an exciting jam packed obstacle course.

Seaside Gymnastics


Seaside Gymnastics will provide a strong foundation for all sports while teaching your child progressive gymnastics skills and incorporating exciting and challenging activities. Each class will improve your child's athletic ability, coordination and self confidence.

Each class is full of imagery, props and of course lots of fun equipment.

  • Colorful Mats & Skill Cushions 

  • Bars

  • Springboard

  • Balance Beam

Each class is full of imagery, props and of course lots of fun equipment.

  • Parachute

  • Balloons & Paddles

  • Hula Hoops

  • Relay Races


Every class will end with our "Flipper Cheer" and handstamp.


Seaside Gymnastics has a vision to integrate fitness and wellness in young children.

The company was founded by two industry experienced women who meshed their love for

children and gymnastics to create a program like no other.

Lupe Cortez

Lupe has been teaching mobile pre-school gymnastics for 6 years. Students, parents and teachers love her for her spunky and energetic personality. She is known for making her students laugh and being too silly. Lupe has always had an active lifestyle; cheerleading in elementary and junior high school, and competitive dance and drill team in high school. In college she became a Certified Fitness Instructor and taught step aerobics and kickboxing at 24Hr Fitness and Hawthorne Parks and Recreation Center. Dance is her first love, but believes gymnastics to be the firm foundation for every kind of physical activity. She was born and raised in the South Bay, has been married for 10 years, has two  young daughters and recently graduated from the University of Southern California (go Trojans!) with a degree in Business Administration emphasis in Management. 


Chirelle Armenta

Chirelle has 16 years of experience teaching pre-school and elementary school gymnastics classes. Chirelle has been impacting her students with her imaginative and compassionate approach to her teaching. She is the progressive skills teaching MASTER! She grew up in a small town in Arizona. She began taking dance and gymnastics classes at the age of 8 and started teaching her own classes at the local Boys & Girls Club while still in high school. After moving to the South Bay she began teaching mobile gymnastics while attending college. What started out as a flexible job has now developed into her passion and career. 

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59 Silver Saddle Lane 

Rolling Hills Estates, Ca 90274




Monday - Friday  8am - 5pm

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